Saturday, July 26, 2008

7-29-2008 27 week ultrasound

Hi it's Justin proud daddy to be. We had a 27 week ultra sound done and they found 16 undigested bean burritos from taco bell and...... Oh Marie just informed me we are talking about her ultrasound, that's the last joke I'll put you through I promise. So talk about a smile that would not stop, I saw Juliette's face and I instantly fell in love some more. She has her daddy's head for sure a little bigger than the norm but we did expect that anyways. She has a Jury nose thats for sure I am going to post pictures when I'm done writing this including baby pics of Marie and I. In one of the 3-D pictures there is what looks like a hole in her face but it's just were her hand was and the ultrasound tech cropped it out, so please, don't be alarmed lol. In one of them you can see her finger sticking up, what happened there was the tech was kind of shaking Maries tummy to get her to roll and apparently she was sleeping because the finger, well it was the middle one lol. She weighs 2lbs and 5 oz. She is healthy with a heart rate of 154 and all limbs and body parts very visible and fully developed. The ultra sound tech is very quite and we kept saying HUH? Maries favorite word. Inside joke lol. Overall the tech was great going far beyond the call of duty and getting us some great pictures of our baby. I am the happiest I have ever been and can't wait for her to come into my life. We have started buying wipes, diapers, onesies, and of course toys and all the must haves. I will also have Maries 27 week prego picture up as well. Our due date October 27th, 2008 couldn't come quick enough, Marie thinks it will be sooner though. Well we of course will update this some more as the days and weeks pass. Hey.... Thanks for

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