Friday, August 22, 2008

31 Weeks today

Today is the 31 week mark, Juliette is still practicing her gymnastics. I think she got sick of gymnastics and now wants to be a girl boxer. This morning I'm lying there and she punched or kicked something SO HARD that I jumped and almost cried!! I thought she bruised one of my organs.

We are going to the Dr weekly just so they can watch me for preterm labor even though I really don't think that will happen, not that early I'm guessing September 29th which would make me almost 37 weeks.

We got another ultrasound wednesday and this time her face was directly looking out like at the ultrasound wand thingie. We got a pic of her face straight on. She was turning her head from side to side and opening and closing her mouth....I think she was hungry. They were checking for dilation, nothing yet at all, we go back again for this every 2 weeks so Sept 4th we go again to see if there is any change.

If there is to be any change they will give me a steriod shot to make her lungs develop really quick. If there is any change after 34 weeks they aren't going to do anything just let it go. She needs to stay in at least until 34 weeks because that's when she'll be old enough to regulate her temperature, eat, and breathe well all by herself with no assistance.

So now that I will be going to the doctor that much I'll come here and write what happens at each appointment.

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