Friday, September 5, 2008

32 Weeks

It was so hot here yesterday I wanted to die! This was the first time all summer that this has happened.

Went to the doctor yesterday, ultrasound revealed that compared to 2 weeks ago my cervix is half as long as it used to be. It's not so much the change they are worried about but the rapidness. I go back monday for the Fetal Fibronectin test, last 3 have been negative but...hmmm well I don't know I think this one might be negative too but not the one after, just my prediction.

Juliette is collecting quite the wardrobe, everything is pink, not kidding I think there are maybe 2 items in her closet that aren't pink. Her hospital bag is packed, not that she needs much but I've changed my mind 3 times on what she's wearing home.

Well we will see what the doctor says monday when I go back, I didn't see my regular doctor this time and this woman was a dingbat and we didn't like her. My doctor will be much more informative.

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