Tuesday, September 16, 2008

34 weeks

So we went to the doctor again yesterday, she didn't manually check the cervix but on the ultrasound it is still getting shorter, 8mm from the danger zone.
Had a dream the other night that when she was born she was hideous, we know that's not going to happen though.
Well we have her car seat all together (the straps were a nightmare) it's completely pink, changed my mind again on her going home outfit. I'm keeping it at this one though.
So we are all set, have everything we need now. she just needs to get here because no one can wait anymore. Grandma Shells is making her own nursery at her house so she's shopping and getting prepared like we are. I literally have nothing left to do except wash all her clothes, she has 4 times the amount of clothes I do.

Hopefully I have something exciting to say about next weeks appointment Monday!

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