Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trip to hospital

Yeah so Juliette is going to be a handful, she already is playing tricks on me. Last night we went over our friends house and got home around 8:30 and I was getting not actual pains but a feeling like she was rolling up in a ball, usually she does that a few times a day but last night it was 15-20 times in like 2 hours. I figured there is no way that is her doing that that often. About 10:30 we were lying in bed and I asked Justin does it feel like my whole stomache is hard or just the 1 side she lays on, he said the whole thing and it happened like every 2 minutes. We decided to call the doctor just to see what they had to say. I explained everything to her and she told me to come on in. I get there and they check me and to my total surprise one doctor had me at 3cm and one had me at 4cm. They gave me IV fluids in case I was dehydrated and a pill to stop the contractions that are actually starting to annoy me, not in an ouch kind of way but a "this is uncomfortable" way.
This continued until 4am and then everything just petered out. I had to take another one of those pills at 6am. They checked me at 8:30am still dilated the same so I was sent home. If all this would have happened Monday they wouldn't have stopped it at all.

I still have my doctors appt monday so we will see if there is any new changes.

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